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Password Strength Is A Hard Problem

We are all familiar with the classic advice on password strength, a mix of lowercase, uppercase, symbols, numbers, of a certain length. It is trivial to construct a validator for password strength in Python The problem with this is that … Continue reading

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Microsoft Professional Program Cybersecurity

In a previous job, amongst many other things I was responsible for the tending of a small herd of HP DL-whatever servers, ~1500 machines all running RHEL. These were considered mission-critical for the business unit. I used various tools for … Continue reading

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Performance tips

One pretty cool new feature of Oracle 11g that DBAs may not be aware of is the client result cache. This stores the result sets of queries hinted with /*+ result_cache */ locally in-memory on the client. It’s much better … Continue reading

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Porting stored procedures

(Based on a Stack Exchange post) In SQL Server, a common pattern is to wrap some processing in a stored procedure that returns a standard result set, using a local temporary table, which is to say a table defined within … Continue reading

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