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HOWTO: Install Oracle 11gR2 on Debian Wheezy

Oracle 11gR2 on Debian still isn’t an officially supported configuration (10g XE was for a while), but it is perfectly do-able with a little cajoling. Here I am starting with a fresh installation of Debian 7.1 in a VirtualBox VM, … Continue reading

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MongoDB Days

Last week I attended MongoDB Day London. Now MongoDB itself is a technology that I’m fairly interested in, I can see where it would have its uses. But the problem is the people! They all talk like this: Some problem … Continue reading

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How To Run Your Own Apps on RAC

RAC, or Real Application Clusters, is Oracle’s proprietary clustering solution, for highly-available databases. Let’s break down the name. The “real” I assume refers to the fact that it is active-active; all nodes in the cluster are available to do useful … Continue reading

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How To Interview

One of the things I do at my present job is interview candidates for my team, and occasionally other teams too. I estimate I’ve seen ~150 people over the last 5 years. Of those very few that I do say … Continue reading

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Failing Gracefully

Let’s say you have a high-performance system, operating beyond it’s design capacity already, and the workload is increasing. What would you like it to do? Keep running, but slow down. This is the default behaviour for most applications, as in, … Continue reading

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Learning the Wrong Lessons

I’m going to start with an assumption here, which I think is pretty reasonable, that when everyone learns to program, or to operate a system, they do so in an environment much simpler than one that is used for commercial-level … Continue reading

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The Importance of Representative Simulation

By now, most serious DBAs and SAs should have a basic grasp of queuing theory concepts such as offered load, even if not actually using the maths everyday. A busy system may have thousands of processes, each waiting for their … Continue reading

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Database Recovery: How Not To Do It

I’ve just applied over 30 terabytes of archived redo logs to an Oracle database. Surely this must be a world record!

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OCaml bindings for Coherence with SWIG

Way back in the day, I did some work programming in C++. But to be honest, I never really learnt C++; I learnt MFC and enough ATL to do COM. And then I decided to focus on Oracle and left … Continue reading

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A Matter of Priorities

I recently helped migrate some internal services, including DNS, from conventional Linux boxes to Infoblox devices. Nifty bits of kit, but one issue occured during the migration: a RAC node eviction! This is an interesting scenario as it illustrates something … Continue reading

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