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Learning a New Language

Generally, every program I write, regardless of what useful thing it actually does, and regardless of what programming language it is written in, has to do certain things, which usually includes Importing a library and calling functions contained within that … Continue reading

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Not-learning is a skill too

To be successful in tech, it’s well known that you must keep your skills up to date. The onus is on each individual to do this, no-one will do it for you, and companies that provide ongoing personal development are … Continue reading

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OCaml 4 beta

OCaml 4 beta 2 has been released, and so I quickly tested OCI*ML with it. Only a couple of minor tweaks were necessary, due to the following changes: Some .cmi for toplevel internals that used to be installed in`ocamlc -where` … Continue reading

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And while I’m on the subject…

Following on from Sunday’s post, which was really about using overly generic solutions to actually quite specific problems (e.g. a full-featured message bus when all anyone really cares about is data change notification), there are some other things that are … Continue reading

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Just rebuilt my Debian VM with latest-everything, having to tweak some code from MTL 1 to MTL 2. Seems straightforward enough, but the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating…

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Stack Overflow

Been a bit quite on here of late as I have been discussing things on Stack Overflow: Saving my running toplevel for later What are the pros and cons of Batteries and Core? Which of these DLLs are the “right” … Continue reading

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That was a great seminar, full of practical applications of queueing theory to everyday problems. Not just Oracle, computation in general. I have already started implementing some of my own tools using various formulæ for use in our environment (using … Continue reading

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Arrived today Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design by Richard Bird. I’ll enjoy working through it. I still haven’t finished The Haskell Alphabet tho’… So much to learn, so little time. My Haskell has fallen a bit behind my OCaml, in … Continue reading

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Haskell articles

A couple of very good Haskell articles I have seen recently: Introducing the Monads by Aditya Siram. An great overview which serves to confirm/reinforce things that I have learnt or figured out so far. Tho’ I think uses return where … Continue reading

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The Haskell Alphabet

The Haskell Alphabet. Brilliant! I’m going to work through all those links. I may be a while…

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