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Learning a New Language

Generally, every program I write, regardless of what useful thing it actually does, and regardless of what programming language it is written in, has to do certain things, which usually includes Importing a library and calling functions contained within that … Continue reading

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Jack of all trades → Master of Disaster.

When I got started in the industry†, like many people I was a generalist; designing and programming GUIs, network services, systems and database administration, even a bit of Photoshop, account management (the other sort of clients!) and end-user support. I … Continue reading

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And while I’m on the subject…

Following on from Sunday’s post, which was really about using overly generic solutions to actually quite specific problems (e.g. a full-featured message bus when all anyone really cares about is data change notification), there are some other things that are … Continue reading

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Microsoft releases F# under an Open Source license. That’s pretty huge.

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