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Segmentation Faults, TAP and Eclipse

This is quite a neat trick. Consider: Referencing that NULL pointer obviously crashes straight away with a terse segmentation fault: By simply linking it with libSegFault, which seems to be documented only very informally, but comes with glibc: Of course … Continue reading

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Komodo 6

As of version 6, ActiveState Komodo includes OCaml syntax highlighting. It appears to be only minimal (e.g. no completion, no hovering over something to get its type, no code folding, no integration with the toolchain) but it’s a start… Or … Continue reading

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Compiler tip

Consider the following trivial bit of OCaml: To me as a beginner this looks quite plausible, since I wrote something much like it, of course it should actually be: But the error from the compiler is strange: That is actually … Continue reading

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Code folding in Emacs

Code folding is a feature I’ve taken for granted in Windows IDEs, but now I am using Emacs more and more, I wanted it there too, and it turns out getting it is straightforward enough. Download Folding Mode and save … Continue reading

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