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Learning the Wrong Lessons

I’m going to start with an assumption here, which I think is pretty reasonable, that when everyone learns to program, or to operate a system, they do so in an environment much simpler than one that is used for commercial-level … Continue reading

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Is Virtualization Worth It?

Before planning any project, the first thing I like to do is ask what outcome are we trying to achieve here? A case in point is virtualization, the holy grail of IT du jour. A virtualized infrastructure is not a … Continue reading

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Jack of all trades → Master of Disaster.

When I got started in the industry†, like many people I was a generalist; designing and programming GUIs, network services, systems and database administration, even a bit of Photoshop, account management (the other sort of clients!) and end-user support. I … Continue reading

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The Means of Production

In ’94 when I went to college, the Mech Eng department had recently taken delivery of a shipment of DEC Alpha workstations. These were brutally powerful machines; 64M main memory, 3D graphics cards, running OpenVMS, and 6 or maybe 8 … Continue reading

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No-one is saying anything about clouds now that people didn’t also say about mainframes 30 or even 40 years ago.

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Still here…

Sorry I’ve not updated much recently, new team and new project, working with Oracle RTD. Very cool stuff, interesting technology that’s directly visible to the business, unlike the hardcore DBA and systems work I’m more used to, that if you’re … Continue reading

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