Article 13

A lot of fuss is being made about the potential impact of so-called Article 13 on YouTube. I think there are two possible outcomes that would be acceptable to me. Either:

  • YouTube verifies the identities of all uploaders, and the uploader is fully responsible for the legality all new content, relegating YouTube to the status of a common carrier. After a brief grace period, any pre-existing content that isn’t claimed by a validated user is purged.
  • YouTube moderates† every upload before it is publicly visible and is responsible itself if it re-publishes anything that is illegal, and of course for any and all pre-existing content that they continue to publish without having retro-moderated.

Their current position, which seems to be that they can’t make as much profit as they’d like with the overhead of complying with the law, isn’t really justifiable IMHO.

† This could be done with AI, if they are willing to pay the fine/compensation to the real copyright holder, when it gets it wrong.

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