Long time since I have updated here, a lot has been happening. For a start part 4 of my series on Oracle 12c new features is unlikely to be written since in October I started a new job which is non-Oracle. I’m now working for an organization with specialized enough needs to have written its own in-house database, the raw building blocks of which are Linux, C++ and Python, integrating soft-realtime data access, replication with flexible topology, sophisticated batch scheduling and a whole range of other features, globally distributed and operating 24/7. My new role is Application Development Lead.

It is a bit strange; for the last 15-odd years Oracle has been my bread-and-butter, from versions 7 → 11g in Prod and 12c in Dev, as a DBA and a developer, but it is good once in a while to step outside one’s comfort zone. Here’s wishing for an exciting and prosperous 2014 for all!

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