As of today I am on gardening leave, and I intend to spend the time productively (after taking a long-planned and well-deserved holiday next week!). In no particular order:

  • Update this blog more regularly, I have some posts that I have been meaning to write but just never have the time. I have been updating my other blog tho’.
  • Some work on my sorely neglected Open Source stuff – finally LOBs in OCI*ML?? 🙂
  • Get properly up to speed in a couple of new technologies, mainly Oracle 12c and C++11.
  • Repair the stack of broken BBC Micros in the living room!

I have been offered redundancy before, and take a pretty philosophical view of it. I work for organizations, or groups within larger organizations, that push hard and take risks. When it works, it works very well – this year I got a decent bonus, despite the company struggling (a matter of public record, not betraying any secrets!). And when it doesn’t, then it’s time to go.

About Gaius

Jus' a good ol' boy, never meanin' no harm
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