OCaml 4 beta

OCaml 4 beta 2 has been released, and so I quickly tested OCI*ML with it. Only a couple of minor tweaks were necessary, due to the following changes:

  • Some .cmi for toplevel internals that used to be installed in`ocamlc -where` are now to be found in `ocamlc -where`/compiler-libs. Add “-I +compiler-libs” where needed.
  • Warning 28 is now enabled by default.

The impact of these was that the toplevel prompt wasn’t working in the shell, and one non-fatal warning when compiling, so nothing that would have broken any code, but it’s good to be up-to-date. The necessary changes have been checked in on Github.

Speaking of which, bearing in mind the LinkedIn débàcle, I have a password generator too…

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