Illiquid Markets

Some crazy prices on eBay:

  • RAMAMP RA20+44 for £500. This (I believe) is a board that adds 32K to a standard Model B, which can be used as sideways or shadow RAM. A shadow RAM only Aries B20 goes for £20, same again for a B12 which can take sideways RAM. To put that into perspective, the BBC B when new cost £399.
  • Electron +3 for £200, a disk drive for the Acorn Electron, for 5× what an Electron itself goes for.

The retro stuff I bought I use (well, play with!), but at these prices I can only assume people are keeping them in glass display cabinets… I could understand if someone desperately needed some data off old disks for sentimental reasons, but the price for the RAMAMP, given that it lives inside the case and there are functionally identical substitutes (e.g. Aries B32, or B20+B12) for a fraction of the price, is completely inexplicable.


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