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To truly understand the IT industry, it is wise to study the male peacock. He struts around with his elaborate tailfeathers, which neither help him fly nor fight. They simply act as a social signal, that this individual controls such … Continue reading

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A Matter of Priorities

I recently helped migrate some internal services, including DNS, from conventional Linux boxes to Infoblox devices. Nifty bits of kit, but one issue occured during the migration: a RAC node eviction! This is an interesting scenario as it illustrates something … Continue reading

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Is Virtualization Worth It?

Before planning any project, the first thing I like to do is ask what outcome are we trying to achieve here? A case in point is virtualization, the holy grail of IT du jour. A virtualized infrastructure is not a … Continue reading

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I am still a little mind-blown by yesterday’s intensive introduction to Coherence. I had thought of it as just a glorified caching layer, as that is pretty much how I have seen it used, but it is in fact astonishingly … Continue reading

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To the max!

Today is all about Extreme Transaction Processing. Should be an interesting day!

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Extprocs in OCaml

An external procedure or EXTPROC is a technique for calling C or other native code from SQL in Oracle. Why might you want to do this? To interface to a 3rd party system for which there is only a C … Continue reading

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Stacks and other stuff

An interesting coincidence: I happened to mention Forth in my last post, and I have also been looking at Tenacious C, a new (sadly Windows-only for now) C IDE with some innovative visualization of a program’s memory use. They’ve a … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on why I decided to start working on an open source project: I enjoy working in OCaml (functional languages in general, in fact), and need a project to work on that I can take in any direction … Continue reading

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