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Scala Quickstart for Oracle DBAs

For the benefit of my fellow DBAs, here is a quick guide to getting up and running with Scala, a language that is gaining a lot of interest recently. The aim of the exercise is to produce the simplest possible … Continue reading

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Jack of all trades → Master of Disaster.

When I got started in the industry†, like many people I was a generalist; designing and programming GUIs, network services, systems and database administration, even a bit of Photoshop, account management (the other sort of clients!) and end-user support. I … Continue reading

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OCI*ML: Ref Cursors and Raw Messages

A few more additions to OCI*ML: Support for ref cursors and binding OUT variables by name as well as by position (see below) Support for type RAW in AQ (see below) oci_version function returns a tuple of (major version, minor … Continue reading

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OCI*ML: 100× Faster with Bulk Operations

Continuing with my fixation on reducing the number of network roundtrips in OCI*ML I have enhanced the orabindexec function to perform bulk DML, that is to say, batching many similar INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statements on the same table into … Continue reading

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First a quick recap for non-DBAs: in database programming it is a common, nearly universal, pattern to assign a unique identifier to each row of the database independent of the data actually stored in the row – this is called … Continue reading

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