Meanwhile, back at the ranch

For the next couple of days I will be attending a seminar for work. The speaker comes highly recommended by a couple of my colleagues, one of whom saw him at OpenWorld and the other who is also attending. Performance tuning is bread-and-butter stuff for the DBA, along with backup and recovery. Normally I find the pace of instructor-led training frustratingly slow and prefer to learn from books and experimentation but this looks like it’s going to be pretty intense. I don’t think I have done any actual Oracle training since the days of Developer/2000! Forms and Reports were – are, even – very underrated tools IMHO, nowadays we use Apex but that’s just reinventing the wheel.

Then for the rest of the week I’m on-call, which might mean no sleep, but since there’s a “change freeze” on at present, hopefully plenty of time to catch up on other things….

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