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Oracle Enterprise Mangler

Much of last week was taken up with a new installation of Oracle Enterprise Manager. We had been told by someone from Oracle that even if you had done it before, it would be 3-4 days work. It turns out … Continue reading

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Stack Overflow

Been a bit quite on here of late as I have been discussing things on Stack Overflow: Saving my running toplevel for later What are the pros and cons of Batteries and Core? Which of these DLLs are the “right” … Continue reading

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Oracle Uninstallable Linux

Perhaps you have decided to try Oracle Unbreakable Linux. What could be better than an OS provided by the database vendor, running in a VM provided by the same vendor, an end to all the finger pointing, 100% supported end-to-end? … Continue reading

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Lost decade

This morning, and the latter half of last week, I have been “officially” working on a WebLogic deployment, probably most of next week too. This is so déja vu it’s almost surreal – as if the 00s never happened, server-side … Continue reading

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That was a great seminar, full of practical applications of queueing theory to everyday problems. Not just Oracle, computation in general. I have already started implementing some of my own tools using various formulæ for use in our environment (using … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch

For the next couple of days I will be attending a seminar for work. The speaker comes highly recommended by a couple of my colleagues, one of whom saw him at OpenWorld and the other who is also attending. Performance … Continue reading

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LDAP (3)

The Oracle LDAP implementation allows you to specify multiple directory servers in LDAP.ORA but this is for the sake of resilience only: it won’t try each one in turn when performing a lookup. This seems like it would be an … Continue reading

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Komodo 6

As of version 6, ActiveState Komodo includes OCaml syntax highlighting. It appears to be only minimal (e.g. no completion, no hovering over something to get its type, no code folding, no integration with the toolchain) but it’s a start… Or … Continue reading

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Finding the First

I often need to write programs that follow a simple pattern: For each of a list of objects (e.g. IP addresses, filesystems), try operation 1 On the first one that succeeds, perform operation 2 If none succeed, perform operation 3 … Continue reading

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Arrived today Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design by Richard Bird. I’ll enjoy working through it. I still haven’t finished The Haskell Alphabet tho’… So much to learn, so little time. My Haskell has fallen a bit behind my OCaml, in … Continue reading

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