An excellent post from Yossi Kreinin that almost exactly mirrors my own experience. Forth to me seems very much like how computers should be programmed. I have Leo Brodie’s book and I love it. Out of habit I apt-get install pforth when setting up a machine.

But I have never, ever managed to write a useful Forth program. Perhaps that’s unsurprising given I’ve mainly worked with OLTP systems… But Yossi works on embedded systems, and if he can’t either…

This is a nice (and relevant to my agenda) quote:

it is scripting that is the best trojan horse for pushing a language into an organization. Scripting is usually mission-critical without being acknowledged as such, and many scripts are small and standalone. Look how many popular “scripting languages” there are as opposed to “systems programming languages”. Then normalize it by the amount of corporate backing a language got on its way to popularity. Clearly scripting is the best trojan horse

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