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LDAP (2)

I’ve just deployed the 0.1 version of my custom LDAP server. It was very easy to develop with the OCaml library, and I learnt a bit about LDAP in the process. I had expected it to be more-or-less stateless like … Continue reading

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On the State of API Documentation

Perhaps it’s just me, but I think that Javadoc (and its descendents, including OCamldoc) have set the cause of proper documentation very far back. If you already know an API and just need a refresher on the details, great! Tho’ … Continue reading

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LDAP / Scope in database code (3)

I have an upcoming project that will require a custom LDAP server backed by an existing inventory/asset management application, which runs on Oracle. Of course, I plan to tackle this in OCaml. I’m confident enough with Oracaml now, and I’m … Continue reading

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Expect (2)

My first go with ocaml-expect has been to write a small utility for something that’s been annoying me for a while at work, which is that there is no straightforward way to associate TNS with DNS (I don’t much fancy … Continue reading

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I received an email in my work inbox this morning from Oracle, subject: If It Must Work, It Runs on Solaris. I agree. It’s also too late. Solaris x86 was always the red-headed stepchild at Sun. It had a poor … Continue reading

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Haskell articles

A couple of very good Haskell articles I have seen recently: Introducing the Monads by Aditya Siram. An great overview which serves to confirm/reinforce things that I have learnt or figured out so far. Tho’ I think uses return where … Continue reading

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Compiler tip

Consider the following trivial bit of OCaml: To me as a beginner this looks quite plausible, since I wrote something much like it, of course it should actually be: But the error from the compiler is strange: That is actually … Continue reading

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The Haskell Alphabet

The Haskell Alphabet. Brilliant! I’m going to work through all those links. I may be a while…

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Code folding in Emacs

Code folding is a feature I’ve taken for granted in Windows IDEs, but now I am using Emacs more and more, I wanted it there too, and it turns out getting it is straightforward enough. Download Folding Mode and save … Continue reading

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Scope in database code (2)

Following on from a previous post, here is some simple database code in hopefully idiomatic Haskell. My strategy is Use the Reader monad to pass the database connection around the functions that use it. The description, computations which read values … Continue reading

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